Please take a look at our website ( for eligibility requirements and directions to apply.

Hello! We hope all has been going well. We love hearing from our community partners and understanding how we can best support your work. This status report asks for a summary of your project's recent activities including:

  • A brief written progress update highlighting the achievements and challenges of your work
  • An expense report communicating how grant funds have been used 
  • 5-10 (five to ten) high
    resolution, fully media released photos
    (“Media Photos”) of project activities
    that Whole Cities Foundation will be allowed use for educational and communication purposes on
    our website, in emails, and in other digital and print materials
  • Any additional materials that you would like to share with us. This could include videos, testimonials, or any other media that you would like to show us.
Thank you for your partnership with Whole Cities Foundation!
Whole Cities Foundation